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"Torti, an imaginative improviser who responds easily to musical impulse in the moment" 
Suzanne Lorge

" a very special incision, between composition and improvisation, with many references to the sounds of the avant-gardes, of whatever type they are"

Vittorio Lo Conte

"Not your average chanteuse album and not a Broadway song in sight. Don’t miss out on it because of that. It’s worth an hour of anyone’s time." 
Brian Morton

"La musica di Diana è avvolgente, ti porta con sé verso dimensioni inedite, facendoti perdere dentro sonorità fluttuanti e impalpabili, per farti poi ritrovare nelle parole, che nel frattempo hanno assunto tutt’altro senso, in un gioco di riflessi e contaminazione."
Giacomo Pisani

"And a vaporous cloud of wonder without fear of crossing avant-garde lands is Torti's recording"
Guido Festinese

Alias "il manifesto"

"...her enthralling voice and phenomenal technique claim the album for Torti’s accolade."
Ken Cheetham

Jazzit: interview (ita)

Jazz Views_interview (eng)



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