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She teaches jazz and modern vocal techniques, jazz and modern repertoire, jazz and contemporary improvisation, instrumental and vocal ensemble music.
In her teaching she combines the tools acquired through her psycho-pedagogical training with the teaching of singing and musical disciplines. Always attentive to the interaction between the two areas, she integrates her skills with insights in the branch of Music Therapy, personality development through vocality, free self-expression through music and vocal improvisation.
She successfully prepares students for exams, auditions and performances.
She collaborates regularly with numerous music schools, colleges and music services, holding individual and group lessons, choirs, workshops and masterclasses.


Diana Torti is not just a beautiful person and an extraordinary singer. She is also an excellent teacher, always encouraging, helpful, open, passionate and clear in the explanations. She has been able to not let me forget anything of what I learned from her. She has been indispensable in my musical path, I really do not know where I would be without her!

Agnese Claisse

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